What’s the Best Way to Achieve Your Goals? [VIDEO]

What's the Best Way to Achieve Your Goals
I’m a student of success.  Recently, I’ve been wondering…

When it comes to achieving goals, what do successful people do differently?

In my opinion, it a deceptively easy answer.  Successful goal achievers adjust their identity easily.

This may sound simple.  In fact, it’s anything but.

I go into a little detail in the video, but here are the basics…

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A Recommended Read on How Little and Often Makes Much

And that is the power of doing things constantly. It’s not like the habit of it. It’s much more than that. It’s part of your life. It’s so melted into your existence that it doesn’t really show up anymore. You can’t say it’s there, but you’re doing it. Just like I eventually drove hundreds of cars (and I mean it, hundreds of them) because it was part of my day to day job.


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What a great thought from Dragos. I’ve been away from DoItOrDont.com for too long and every time I think of coming back I put up a thousand reasons for not making a move.

Perhaps realizing that I shouldn’t be going for the “perfect post” but instead should be taking small slices of action instead… little and often makes much!

If you have a chance, I recommend reading the entire post… he’s a great writer.

The Slow And Almost Invisible Reward Of Doing Things Constantly

The Secret of Setting Goals [VIDEO]

What is the secret of setting goals?

Simple.  You have to CREATE before you can experience.

I set a goal (not so long ago) to move my wife and I to Austin.  We are now in the process of realizing that goal.  We have movers schedule and, if all goes according to plan, we’ll be in our new Austin apartment around the end of May.

How did I do this?  Goal setting.

Well… more to the point… EFFECTIVE goal setting using a technique that I’ve not seen others use.  It’s powerful though… and I thought it was worth sharing.

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(Watch The Secret of Setting Goals on YouTube)

How to Keep Focused on Your Goals

How to Keep Focused on Your GoalsI get it.  You’ve created some powerful goals… but then life happens!

Wondering how to keep focused on your goals?  Here are a few quick tips:

  • Review Your Goals: It’s simple… not easy.  Every time you review your goals, you are focused on your goals.  That focus, even if for a moment, is a very small toward toward programming your subconscious mind.  Every review offers an impression… a visualization.  With every visualization your brain literally experiences the goal as achieved.  The more times you experience something as real, the more real it becomes.
  • Be Consistent: In my case I review goals 2x a day.  Once in the morning and once at night.  Is this enough?  Too little?  Too much?  Who cares?!?  Consistency is more important than how many times you review goals.  If you decide mornings are enough… they are!  Consistency builds habits.  If you practice consistency, you’ll program yourself to begin thinking about certain things at certain times.  Once habit takes over you’ll begin to do this on autopilot and focusing on your goals becomes effortless.  Focus becomes a part of who you are!
  • Create Exciting Goals: Let’s face it.  If you have boring goals that aren’t worth getting excited about… why would you want to force yourself to focus on them?  Sounds like common sense, but many people create incredibly boring goals.  Those goals may have been exciting at the moment they were written, but after reviewing them over the days, weeks and months… they can lose their punch… their kick.  SPICE IT UP!  If your goals are getting stale, it’s OK to rewrite them in a slightly different way.  Give them more detail or describe a different aspect of the same goal.  The variety will help to keep your attention where it needs to be.

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How to Set Goals and Accomplish Them [VIDEO]

For those who don’t know, Eben Pagan is an extremely successful entrepreneur.  I believe he got his start offering a program on dating and things moved from there.  His expertise has always been in the psychology of achieving success.  I came across this video and though it was worth sharing…

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